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Ceremonial halls


Throughout our fruitful activity, our restaurant has become one of the favourite places for many our guests. Perhaps it is for that reason that there is a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in our restaurant. The evening here becomes “unique” for each guest. Businesspersons find here tranquillity for quiet business meetings, couples appreciate a truly unique atmosphere of privacy and romance, while wedding celebration, organized in our restaurant, spreads good vibes and offers an unforgettable experience.


“Butoias” is a restaurant with subtle nuances, high ceilings, sophisticated style and all-time traditions. It includes 4 spacious ceremonial halls for 80, 120, 150 and 180 seats, each of which opens into scenic terraces with a view over the National Park. We will find an individual approach to each client and will turn any event into a unique fairy show very easily.


Rooms for everyday occasion


The restaurant has various halls: three halls in a classic style, an oriental hall with hookahs, a hall with a real fireplace, which is “protected” by magnificent lion statues, a small boudoir, with a view over the fountain, a hall in the national Moldovan style, a lobby with comfortable sofas, and, of course, wine halls - red and white, where you can taste wine, selecting from our own wine collection. Welcome to “Butoias” restaurant!


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Organization of wedding banquets


Wedding in our restaurant means a pleased groom, happy bride, well-fed guests and a lot of joy.


Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, that is why everyone wants to make this day bright, memorable and happy.

Wedding banquet is at the heart of the whole ceremony and implies a romantic atmosphere and an original decor, soft background and lively dance music, appetizing meals and fine drinks. The organization of such a banquet requires a lot of experience, a rich imagination and a true inspiration.


We will provide you with professional assistance in carrying out your wedding ceremony.


We try to develop the concept of this special day in a spirit, close to newlywed couples. It can be a wedding in accordance with national customs and traditions (Moldovan, Russian, Uzbek, Tatar, etc.) or a thematic stylized wedding. In addition, we will select for you the appropriate dishes and interesting scenario.


We prepare the wedding menu properly and with love, including in its composition light snacks, original salads, hearty hot plates, fruits and delicate dessert. Our restaurant’s own original dishes, specially prepared for you by our cooks, will make your festive table even more enchanting.


We create an unforgettable atmosphere, which reflects this important event, by decorating the hall (textiles, flowers, balloons), by lighting the hall and illuminating tables, as well as by means of properly selected background music (including live music).


Trust our masters.

Memories of your wedding day in our restaurant will warm your heart for a lifetime.



Corporate party in  


The life of each team is not just endless workdays, but also holidays and fun! If you do not know where and how to spend a memorable corporate event, our restaurants are the best helper in this situation. A long and thorny path to organize any corporate party or banquet is inevitably related with the choice of the venue.


“BUTOIAS” restaurant will become the perfect venue for any event thanks to a large number of halls, designed for a different number of guests. We have a total of five spacious halls, for 70, 100, 150, 200 and 300 persons, as well as VIP-halls and a summer terrace. Multimedia equipment with the latest technology will be a great help in developing a fun entertainment program at the party, while the availability of a separate entrance, wardrobe and toilets in each of the halls will create a comfort for all visitors of our restaurants. In addition, each hall is executed in its colour, giving additional possibilities to style the holiday. We are sure you would agree that it is always pleasant to stay in a harmonious atmosphere.


It is natural that some like white, while others like purple and red, but each and every one like to eat! Of course, there are dishes to fit every taste in our menu! When composing the menu, we tried to take into account the tastes of all our guests. We only use the freshest and quality products to prepare a festive dinner.


When choosing a place to organize a corporate event and a banquet in our restaurants, you get a huge variety of entertainment options. Our experts will help you to develop and carry out an interesting and fun program, designed especially for you and according to the selected theme. Countless entertainers: dance, vocal and instrumental ensembles, jugglers, magicians, sand and soap bubble show – all this and much more is at your disposal.


Our restaurant will give you an unforgettable and wonderful evening, whether that be a corporate party or a banquet!



Christening party in “Butoias” 


Infant baptism is a very important and significant event in the life of every family. One should be prepared for this memorable day in advance and very carefully, should consider every organizational detail. Baptism is the sacrament, whereby a baby acquires a guardian angel. Upon completion of baptism, people usually gather their close relatives and newly minted godparents to celebrate the great day that took place in the family’s life. When choosing a restaurant for christening party, where you could gather with your family, we have created all conditions for you to comfortably spend time and celebrate the important event. Christening party in the restaurant enables young parents to save themselves all the hassle and worries regarding the preparation and organization, and to relax with their family in a pleasant atmosphere, tasting delicious dishes and drinks.


The quality organization of the banquet will pleasantly surprise you. Only qualified personnel are working in our restaurant: cooks and waiters, hosts and musicians, sound directors and decorators, that’s why, banquet organization will be without any unpleasant surprises - the event will be at the highest level.


We offer modern banquet halls with different capacity, depending on the size of your event, a varied menu of delicious dishes of European and Moldovan cuisine, excellent personnel service.